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Shants TV #4

Hosted by Asher Jordan

Featuring Kenny Krueger, Khaleb Baker, Cody Shipman, and more!

On This Episode: new Talk-Block podcast bits & old Screaming From A Rooftop Live chunks, a new uncomfortable interview, Cooking With Ya Boi, and more!!


Asher Jordan : The Creator

     Asher was an actor in Seattle until 2011 when he moved to NYC to get his way way too expensive college degree.

     he founded Shants TV as a podcast network in 2015, and by 2016 had expanded, producing music, live shows & events, and weekly online TV shows.

     after building and breaking 2 podcasting studios in Seattle, Asher has relaunched Shants TV as the internet TV show it was once imagined as : a one-stop for original, independent content, straight from the artists' minds to your eyes.

Kenny & Eliot : The Team

this guy has been along for the ride since day 1, even though he and asher lived on opposite coasts for 5 years.

a host, writer, and performer, Kenny grew up outside Seattle & moved to the city when he realized dreams are yours to make happen. after inspiring Asher to pursue his ridiculous college goals, Kenny studied exactly what he wanted, until school essentially kicked him into graduating.

a graphic designer, webmaster, and damn encyclopedia, Eliot is the sole Shants TV crew member who moved with the network & asher, from coast to coast.

professionally, he's a passionate writer who's work reaches far beyond the bubble of seattle. he seeks to effect change with his career, not just as an end result of his work, but also in real time.

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