BOOZE & IQs, y'all!!

Shants TV is now the proud producer of a Trivia Show! 

Wednesdays at 7:30pm @ The Shelter Lounge in Ballard, and Sundays @ The Shelter Lounge on Greenlake

Come on out for booze, cash prizes, and funky DJ sets!

Check out the official website for more info!

the Shants podcasts

Screaming From A Rooftop

The Asher Jordan Podcast

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You Should Play

Let's Play's with Sam Harris & John Tague

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the Talk-Block podcast

asher & kenny's (currently on hiatus) podcast (dumpster fire)

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returning soon...

#SFARlive: the infamous show 

Asher developed with the NYC Shants Crew

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The Shants crew

Asher Jordan

Network Director.   asher jordan is an actor, producer, and musician, from Seattle.   he founded Shants TV in 2015, and now produces the podcasts, live shows, events, & everything else.

Kenny Krueger

First Mate.   kenny has been part of the Shants Crew since day one.   he is an economist, artist, and activist in Seattle.

Eliot Nelson

Comptroller.   eliot joined the Shants Crew back in NYC, & then re-migrated back to Seattle in 2015 to continue writing and podcasting.

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